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The Lost Ruins of Arnak + Expedition Leaders Expansion Insert

The Lost Ruins of Arnak + Expedition Leaders Expansion Insert

Our officially licensed Premium Black Series insert for The Lost Ruins of Arnak is the ultimate accessory for your game. It was carefully designed to house all game components from the base game, as well as those of the expansion Expedition Leaders. All component slots are either fully marked or custom shaped, making it easy to organize your game without need for additional instructions. Card slots have plenty of room for sleeved cards. Moreover, our insert is made of vacuum formed high impact polystyrene, meaning it will virtually add no additional weight to your game box. 


4 individual trays hold all your game components, not only reducing setup and teardown of the game, but also two of them can be used in-game in order to keep your table organized and mess-free!


Setup tray:

The large setup tray holds most of the setup items. It is meant to remain in the box during gameplay. In order to keep everything in place, it comes with two slots where the bottom of the player board and the additional exploration track boards fit perfectly, ensuring your components stay in place even when storing your box on its side.

  • 3 card organizers for item, arctifact and  fear cards (with plenty of room for sleeved cards!)
  • Level 1 and 2 site tiles
  • Round random role tokens
  • Tent tiles
  • X3 / fear tokens
  • Assistants


Player token tray:

This tray holds all the components for individual players, as well as the rest of the smaller setup tokens.

  • Custom shaped organizer for archeologist meeples, including the new gray one belonging to the captain
  • Moon staff + red moon staff. These lock in place, holding the archeologist meeples in place!
  • Notebook and magnifying glass tokens
  • Blocking tiles
  • Idol tiles
  • Research bonus tiles
  • Snack and eagle tokens
  • Starting layer marker + suitcase tile
  • Guardian tiles


Token tray + lid:

Meant to be taken out of the box and placed on the  board during your game, this tray holds all tokens in an elegant yet subtle way. It comes with a beautiful lid with the Lost Ruins of Arnak logo to ensure your components stay in place, even if you store your game boxes vertically!

  • Coins
  • Compasses
  • Tablets
  • Arrowheads
  • Jewels


Temple tiles tray + lid:

Struggle no more keeping your temple tiles neatly organized during play! This tray has individual slots for each level, allowing you to take straight from the box and directly on top of the temple. Don't worry about covering the beautiful art on the board though! We made this tray transparent for that purpose. It comes with a thematic lid so your components stay in place and ready for the next game.

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