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Blackbox Hydra - Premium board game token storage (2-pack)

Blackbox Hydra - Premium board game token storage (2-pack)

The Blackbox-V trays are the perfect accessory to keep your game bits and tokens in order. Use them directly at the table during game night, or get them with lids and then stash them inside your favorite standard-size game boxes to effortlessly store your game!

  • 5 individual wells per tray allow you to keep different tokens and components accessible to everyone at the table.
  • A one-sided angled wall makes drawing components out fast, effortless and enjoyable.
  • The optional lids make it easy to store the Blackbox-V trays directly inside the box. Perfect for all your games without a board game insert! The trays were designed to fit most standard 30x30cm boxes, up to 7cm tall when stacking 2 trays on top of each other.
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