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Merv: The Heart of the Silkroad Insert

Merv: The Heart of the Silkroad Insert

The new Merv: The Heart of the Silk Road game insert contains 2 separate trays to hold all the components neatly, allowing you to set up and put away the game easily. Gone are the days of separating the components in multiple plastic bags! Best of all? The token and resource cube tray can be put directly on the table during the game, allowing you to keep your table organized while giving your game the deluxe experience it deserves!



  • The player tray holds all the player tokens, walls, and has a dedicated slot for the mosque track bonus tiles, allowing for quick setup.
  • The cards and tiles tray neatly holds the library tiles, city tiles, spice, contract and solo cards.
  • The cube and token tray can be used in game, helping with keeping the table tidy. 
  • New!: We heard your feedback, and we redesigned our trays to hold sleeved cards

Our Black Series line of premium inserts is carefully designed and manufacured in our small workshop in The Netherlands 🇳🇱.

We don't produce our inserts in large automated factories abroad. Instead, our trays are made with utmost care and craftmanship by our local insertsmiths Sergio and Gaby, in an entirely manual process. They make sure every single insert that leaves our facilities has the seal of quality and luxury that your game collection deserves

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