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Our  Premium Black Series insert compatible with Woodcraft is the ultimate accessory to organize your game in the box!


The custom setup tray was carefully designed to house all the main components, making it a breeze to setup or put the game away in only a couple minutes.


To hold dice, berries and multiple resources, we included 2 of our brand new Blackbox Hydra token trays, which stack nicely on top of each other in the box. Just put them out on the table during setup and you're ready to play! No need to reach for token bowls from the kitchen and having to work all those components in and out of plastic baggies.


No more fiddling with those tiny Tool tokens, because we include a custom detachable insert just for them!


Player setup is a breeze with out separate individual player compartments. Just take them out of the box and hand them out to your players, no need to reach out for that rulebook!


All card slots have plenty of room for sleeved cards, and there is plenty of room to house possible future expansion cards and tokens. Moreover, our insert is made of vacuum formed high impact polystyrene, meaning it will virtually add no additional weight to your game box!

    Shipping March 2023
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